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Respawnfirst is your one-stop source of all things gaming, tech, and entertainment. 979. © 2020, Respawnfirst. Coordinates: 20.8 - 47.1; There are plenty small islands around with lots of metal rocks. The best way to survive is, arguably, at first building a raft as well as a simple bed. The ocean biome will protect you from all the sea creatures. We know how passionate and dedicated gamers are towards their obsession and we want to not only help those who are casually spending time but also those hardcore full-timers with unquestionable ambition. ... and stopping at islands. 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Raiders won’t be a big issue here and it is great for small to medium sizes bases for Ark Genesis players. Metal. Below we have details some of the best started base locations in the game. ARK: Survival Evolved Genesis the new DLC has a mammoth amount of content and with tons of players in the game, it can make it hard to find a perfect place to build your own base. Just hop on one or two and start mining. An avid fan of the stealth-shooter genre, Jake is Respawnfirst's co-founder and Lead News Editor with over 5-years of experience. Ark Genesis Best Bases Locations – Details and Coordinates, ARK Genesis – How to Find and Tame Megachelon, How To Fix Error 0x80070052 “The Directory Cannot Be Created”, New Hogwarts Legacy Narrative and Gameplay Details From WB President, Teardown Application Load Error 3:0000065432 Fix, Crash At Startup, SetProcessDpiAwarenessContext Not Found, Audio Stuttering, Dual Monitor Fix, How to Recruit a Video Game Designer in Watch Dogs: Legion for Meta-Gaming, Watch Dogs: Legion Disrupt Propaganda Guide, What to Do With Skye Larsen in Watch Dogs Legion – Kill or Upload, Watch Dogs: Legion Guide Collectibles Locations Guide. Before getting into the specific areas of the map for using as a base, you need to keep in mind these four main things you need when choosing a potential location. The location coordinates  16.9, 44.9 and here you will find a safe space to create your haven. Next on our best bases locations is Lave Biome which is located at 14.6, 67.7. Here, you will find yourself in the midst of watery grounds. 66 LAT, 22 LON But there is a downfall to it as there is not much space here to build. You also have to be aware of creatures that can attack you from any direction. There are plenty of resource materials like wood from trees, boulders, and even met from dodos. The main focus will be to protect the single entrances for the best survival. You can now just continue with your little raft base. These are some of the hardest to reach places in ARK: Survival Evolved Genesis and make them some of the perfect places to build your own secret base. 25 comments. In our Best Starting Base Locations guide, we will discuss all of the best locations for you to find. Your email address will not be published. There will be plenty of resources around the area for you to survive. Ark Genesis is the expansion pack released for Ark Survival: Evolved. © Valve Corporation. Login Store Community Support Change language View desktop website ... ARK: Survival Evolved > General Discussions > Topic Details. There are resources nearby such as wood, stone, metal, etc. Follow the coordinates that we have shared below where you will find the exact locations of the resources. There is a huge tree in the middle and inside the base of the tree, you’ll find a water source. While tight, it offers plenty of protection from raiders and creatures. (Make fish nets and rods to get food for the night) 11 comments. One of the many secretive and well-guarded places you can build is towards the South-West, in the snowy mountains. The increased altitude will make your base near-to-impossible to penetrate. 16 comments. At the Ocean Biome, you will find many spots where you can build a base. This base location is at 54.9,67.4 and it is one of the best bases locations in Ark Genesis. Make structures and climb up to build a nice and neat structure. share. Your email address will not be published. This concludes our Ark Genesis Best Starting Base Locations Guide. Raiders will have a tough time navigating in and out. What To Look For In A Good Base Location. Obsidian. Watch Dogs: Legion Review – Taking DedSec in The Right Direction Innit, Torchlight 3 Review – Acceptable But Forgettable, Serious Sam 4 Review – If It’s Not Broken, Don’t Fix It, The Invincible Targets 4K With “Smooth” Frame Rates, Uses DualSense Tech For “Complex Interactions”, Haven Dev Discusses Combat, Enemies, & Dragon Ball Z Inspirations, Dirt 5 Designer Talks “Exciting” Post-Launch Plans; New Playgrounds Items In The Works, Counterpoint Games Showcases Godfall Visual Effects, VSR, CAS, How to get the Ghost Rider Skin in Fortnite. The competition is tough in multiplayer, and you are going to want to get a good head start; for that, a good location for your base is necessary. There is enough room for many different functions here. There isn’t much space here but you will find plenty of resources around the area. You can find resources such as wood, metal, crystal, and stone in this area. 17 LAT, 60 LON These crevices are specifically hard to locate and even harder to get to. There is a huge tree in the middle and mostly flat land around it. All Rights Reserved. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Trailer Out, Optimized for Xbox…, You Can Now Play As Snoop Dogg In NHL 20 Starting Today, PlayStation Plus Offer Titan Fall 2 And Monster Energy…, What Does Watch Dogs: Legion Source Code Leak Mean For…, Dirt 5 Release Date, Review, PC System Requirements,…, Best PS4 And Xbox One Horror Games For Halloween 2020: Dying…, © 2018 - 2020 - Gamer Tweak. He prefers tactical-based shooters over mainstream titles and regards PS4 and PC as his choice of gaming platforms. If you are looking for the best place to build a base in this vast map, then look no further, we have a few recommendations that you need to check out. This does give out a supervillain vibe and that’s why we love it even more. Although the Bog Biome is suggested by default as an easy zone to start with, that is not at all true. I love the location minus metal and obsidian being a little bit of a flight away. This snowy mountains, make it the perfect spot to camouflage your base in the midst of snow. Not only is your base hard to find, but it is also hard to reach. There is also a path leading down towards the water where you have your water source. Hidden bases allow you to have peace of mind while you go monster hunting or just want to relax a bit. This is a resource-rich area where you can find many different resources, however, it is a bit tough to reach which is both good and bad. Towards the Magma Biome, in the Western part of the map, you will find crevices within the mountains, that are perfect little hiding spots for solo bases. This location is pretty tough and though it has an abundant supply of resources, you will find it quite tough to survive. Ocean Biome: (Coordinates: Lat 270, Long 588). Another great base location is at 63.2,65.9 but this one is out in the open so if you want to build a big base, this is your area. hide. The new map is vast, and you can lose track of where you have set up camp if you are looking for a quiet place in ARK: Survival Evolved Genesis, then look no further.

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