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dwarka underwater real photos

It is real yet the Christian world says there is no proof! Traffic moved along a well laid-out system of boulevards, roads, intersections, and marketplaces, and many assembly houses and temples of demigods graced the charming city. Here’s an excerpt from the Wikipedia page about Dvārakā: The City was filled with the sounds of birds and bees flying about the parks and pleasure gardens, while its lakes, crowded with blooming indivara, ambhoja, kahlara, kumuda, and utpala lotuses, resounded with the calls of swans and cranes. The layers of temples underneath the current city of Dwarka, 12. As described in the Mahabharata. Then: A small feud started among the Yadavas and it evolved into a massive fight. Here’s an excerpt from an article about the anchors: A large number of stone anchors were discovered in a water depth of 10–14 m off Dwarka during the 1998–1999 seasons. Moreover, a huge “U” shaped structure has been found at the coast of Bengal and looking at the sea-level data, we could conclude that it’s more than 10.000 years old. Thank you in advance! This could unravel that a great and the oldest civilization existed in India. During this age they used extremely complex weapons and flying machines which also raises questions that the hitech technologies existed during that period. This might be the evidence of some of the first writing in the world. The place is a stuff of legend, but in this article, I’ll give you a summary of the recent archaeological findings that challenge the mainstream view of history. I guess it came from NIOT in Gujarat. 1100-year-old monolithic sandstone Shivling unearthed in Vietnam’s Cham temple complex, Jews and Arabs share genetic link to ancient Canaanites, study finds, The Venomous Visha Kanya Of Ancient India, Low water level exposes thousands of Shiva Lingas in the Shalmala river, Terracotta fragments of the Lapita people, India’s largest known burial site is 3,800 yrs old, confirms carbon dating, Bridge of Rama: Traces of an Ancient Advanced Civilization. And there are more than one verse in Mahabharata which allude to a sudden submergence of the city (like a tsunami). It is an absolute shame that the Indian government stopped the researches on this. There was an ancient city on the two islands at the current Gulf of Cambay and the nearby shores – dating more than 13.000 thousand years. Civilization started and developed in the holy land of Aryavrat/Bharat (misnomer: India) since eons together. What is required is funding, eagerness to explore. You showed me a set of islands with very strange names (I thought they were somewhere west of Mumbai, but now I checked the Google Maps and they’re not there!). Why the research about the ancient city of Dwarka has stopped? Twenty stone anchors of three types were located in a submerged channel on the southern side of the site. I appreciate your interest in Ancient India & it’s Culture but tell me one thing you mentioned that Dwarka Appeared in your dream….Could you please throw some light on this….? In Bhavagata Purana, we find that Shalva was equipped with a Vimana (a flying machine) and that: “He besieged the city with a large army, O best of the Bharatas, decimating the outlying parks and gardens, the mansions along with their observatories, towering gateways and surrounding walls, and also the public recreational areas”. Extremely ancient history and prehistory are a dear personal passion of mine. A dive in the Arabian Sea near present Dwarka will reveal the ocean floor is covered with remnants of the past. to the time when the area submerged under water. The discovery in India’s Sinauli could alter the understanding of contemporary Harappan culture, says Archaeological Society of India. According to ancient Sanskrit literature, the Lord Krishna founded the holy city of Dwarka, which subsequently got submerged under sea. Shri Kishna's Dwarka, The sunken city in Gujarat. … The works began in the 1930s but soon stopped. According to Aishik Saha: There could be a number of reasons that the project was stopped. Lerarn how to start making money remotely. Hello Mahendra, Thanks for your comment. In short, there are reasons to suspect that the legendary city of Lord Krishna was actually real. it has fluctuated to more or less the present level. This fight killed all the sons of Lord Krishna and his elder brother. It is well established that events described in the epic took place at around 3100 BCE. Mahabalipuram, the famous centre of Pallava art and architecture, is situated on the coast of Tamil Nadu. Nauriyal. Therefore, the dating of these anchors at Dwarka is a matter of concern and is discussed. The modern version of Dwarka is at the opening of the Gomti River on the Arabian Sea. (Maybe that’s where people went during the flood). I agree and I think that people should be more aware that events previously considered only as myths actually have a historical basis. It would no longer be merely a book of myths and legends, but in fact, at least to some extent, a genuine account of past events. If one go through all four rigvedas , it is evident that modern and advanced technologies, applications were already being used at that period. This is of course, an exaggeration but if the site contained even one tenth of this splendor, we would say it was a groundbreaking discovery of archeology. I asked you where are we going and you pulled out the map. Read the disclaimer. Nice to hear about the excavations of Lord Krishna’s home. There was no trace of the city. I may be late to the table in reading this and writing my response, as it is now mid 2019 and it seems from the comments you created this in 2017. Hi Rafal, which is the source of the graph showing sea level fluctuations in western India? Hello Uma, I’m glad you enjoyed the article! The comparative study of surrounding sites indicates that the date of the structures of Dwarka may be between Historical period and late medieval period. As per the legend, Lord Krishna founded the city in Gujarat, naming it Dwarka. The city was built by the divine architect, Vishwakarma himself. This website makes use of cookies to enhance the browsing experience, measure traffic, and serve relevant ads. Flourished in the Pacific Islands from about 1600 BCE to about 500 BCE. Dwarka, one of the best-studied underwater sites in India, has commanded much attraction, also because the site is considered as one of the four Dhamas (sacred place for pilgrimage) of the Hindu religion. Marine archaeology in the Gulf of Khambhat (Cambay) – there’s more to be discovered, 15. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Hi Rafal By far the most accurate article on what happened. Photo courtesy: cdn.earthporm. The other anchors they’ve found date as far back as 2500 BC. 7. The pottery they’ve found (and analyzed through thermoluminescence) was dated at 3520 BC for period one, and 2000 BC for period 2. Dvaraka boasted 900,000 royal palaces, all constructed with crystal and silver and splendorously decorated with huge emeralds. I agree there is much more to be found hidden below and far from the shores. at least 9 thousand years ago.The explorations conducted in the Gulf of Cambay waters revealed sandstone walls, a grid of streets and some evidence of a sea port 70 feet under water. Dwaraka was just a name; just a memory…”. From 10,000 to 7,000 years ago, sea level rose at a very high rate (~20m/1000 years) and after approximately 7,000 years B.P. The underwater ruins of Dwarka constitute one of the greatest archaeological mysteries of all time. Similar was the case with Pataliputra which, even though the premier city of the land, later became the worst victim of inundation according to Dandin, the author of the Dashakumaracarita. Mainstream scientists maintain that ancient Indian culture/civilization goes back some 4-5 thousand years. Unfortunately, he encountered problems with funding, and died in 2013 which practically stopped the excavations. So if the actual Dwaraka existed 3200 years BCE, then maybe the site 9 km from shore is just a prelude – a younger site or a port. Even if we don’t know what the cultural background of the people is, if it does happen to be a city that is 9500 years old, that is older than the Sumerian civilization by several thousand years. Jain legends acknowledge the presence of the Metropolis of Dwarka as being close to the Girnar mountains. A fierce vortex arose and blanketed the entire area with billowing dust.”— Bhavagata Purana (10.76). Required fields are marked *. But I am not sure if this structure is really there or is a fake. A circular stone structure exposed during low tide off Dwarka. Here’s an excerpt from an article about the most recent studies conducted from October 2003 to January 2004 (mainly a geologic study): Techniques used during this investigation include bathymetry survey, sub-bottom survey, side-scan survey, and magnetic survey. The site was discovered by chance last year by oceanographers from India’s National Institute of Ocean Technology, who were conducting a survey of pollution. That led to the submergence of the presumably “first Dwaraka”, along with millions of square miles of land around the world. This "under sea city of Dwarka" lies in close proximity to near the present Dwarka temple in Saurashtra. But the major thing I wanted to accomplish was to urge you to share this information and make it widely available. The speculations about what happened to Dwarka: Your email address will not be published. Whether there’s any truth to this supposedly marvelous technology used by the opponents, we could assume that the battle actually took place and a lot of damage was caused. Joshi also calls to attention other buildings underwater, including a granary, drainage system, and public bath. So it would radically affect our whole picture of the development of urban civilization on this planet. Some archeologists think that it’s around that time that Krishna’s Dwarka existed. It is also said that he was the carrier of the Vedas which he received from Matsya, one of the Avatars of Vishnu.

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