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There’s not much special inside here, which is probably a good thing. We are a small hands-on team based in Austin, TX. With 32 lb load at the start and finished around 27 lb, it was a perfect fit and hugged my body. This time around though, they did replace the pack when we had a problem with it, which was great. The first thing you’ll notice about the Kumo is that it’s frameless. Change ). And I I've always leaned toward ultralight gear, but I have never had a frameless pack, so I had some skepticism. Stuff all the layers, food and water you need and take this pack on a long day’s journey into whatever mother nature brings. They also tend to be more expensive than the heavier, brand-name options. You can also stash z-poles in there securely. This pack is transformational for me because it changed my thinking about frameless packs. It weighs a mere 7.9 ounces once you remove the sitlight pad and fast belt. Since I’m using this for fastpacking, always having to loosen the straps to reach around for a water bottle or snacks in the side pouches would be a no-go. I love this pack. This pack has 7 external pockets that offer a wide range of storage solutions including an external tent sleeve, large mesh pocket for wet clothing, and roomy hip belt pockets for your phone or snacks. It’s more just there for storage. The Kumo 36 Superlight Pack is the perfect pack for day hikes, weekend adventures, and thru-hikers who crush it in the minimalism department. On long bike rides and day hikes, hydration bladder, layers, food, and "stuff". Since the pouch doesn’t have much volume to begin with, it’s not easy to squeeze in a block-shaped object like a GoPro or a cell phone, or perhaps something pointy like keys. I say “almost” conventional because it’s also got a weird clip inside of the opening that makes the opening somewhere between a single-piece roll-top design and a conventional fold-over brain design. I stuffed it for a Winter day hike in the Cascades the next weekend (along with a GG pack liner I’d bought) and it was the BEST THING EVER! I kind of wish they were attached not at the very top of the bag, but rather a few inches below. Then I took it out for three weeks on the John Muir Trail…WOW! It looks good and seems to be incredibly tough. The main compartment can close two ways: roll top for a more streamlined shape or you can clip the buckle together in a ‘dry bag’ style to use the extension collar. Winner of Outdoor Gear Lab’s Editor’s Choice award for best mid-volume light backpack, its versatility, durability and comfort make it the best weekend companion you’ll ever have. The pockets struggle to accommodate 2 Smart Water bottles, and after a few weeks the pockets started to pull away from the seams and some of the stitching started to unravel. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. I use water bottles vs a reservoir and the side pockets take care of that. 36L total storage (28L main pack, 8L pockets). The Kumo is one-size-fits-all, but the straps are evidence to me that they should’ve at least made a small and a large. Let us help you select the best pack for you and your trip. In the end, would Piñata take this pack on another long trail? A packable and ultralight version of the prized Vagabond. Most ultralight backpacks are very minimal: main compartment, 3 external pockets, maybe a hip belt. Following my coach’s advice and that of other fastpackers, I wanted a sub-one-pound, frameless pack with at least 30L of storage (ideally for less than $200). The Gorilla Ultralight Backpack is a versatile mid-size pack ideal for 2-7 day adventures for someone that has already transitioned to an ultralight setup. "I travel a lot for work and I always work some explorations in nearby. I also find that the straps can sometimes be a little farther out on top of my shoulders than I’d like. But I wanted to remark on its durability. This large volume pack is also an option for winter hikers who have more gear to carry on those sub zero nights, as well as family campers when you need to carry extra stuff for the kids. He loves it so much that he tossed his larger Patagonia and recently purchased a Vagabond for a family member as a gift." I noticed some online complaints about the slanted back pouch. It is configured to keep all your large gear items inside the main pocket allowing for a really comfortable carry. While it definitely doesn’t feel like a running vest that hugs your body and stays put, it feels much better while running than any conventional hiking pack I’ve used before. Therefore, you could either go full UL with it or just shed a few pounds from your conventional load without having all UL gear. Secondly, their warranty is less generous than many other UL companies, and we have had a negative experience with their customer service in the past. Thanks.”  -John. I find that if you’ve got the pack just barely stuffed, it will generally hold its shape. After taking a look at the different packs and their feature sets below, you will know which pack is right for you. In a frameless pack, a hip belt doesn’t offer much benefit in terms of load transfer. has many of the same great features as the Mariposa, but has some very significant differences. 36 liters is also enough to get a UL backpacker through a week or so, while getting a conventional-weight backpacker a couple days probably. Capacity: 36L total, 28L main compartment capacity, Materials: 70D & 100D Robic Nylon, 70D & 210 D Robic Extreema(HDPE). Don’t mistake this for a frame, though, as it doesn’t redistribute the weight anywhere. Great job Gossamer!" Piñata performing some pack repairs in Montana. They’re pretty deep. Gossamer Gear Kumo 36 Ultralight Backpack, Bare Boxer Contender Lightweight Bear Canister – The Morning Run, Introducing the Good-Simon Gear Fastpack! Work. A modern nod to a vintage classic. For instance, the angle of the water bottle pocket is perfect, I could easily reach it while hiking and put the bottle back without missing a stride, while the deeper pocket was perfect for tent poles and the thinlight foam pad from gossamer. I barely felt any weight at all from my pack hiking, still had plenty of room even with all my winter gear in it, and it was soooooo comfy on my back, shoulders, etc. Change ). Aside from the issues with the side pockets, the stitching on the shoulder strap pockets also came unraveled on both packs. Unisex (Men's and Women's) shoulder straps and waist belt constructed with low profile, but super comfortable, highly breathable wall mesh. At 5’8”, 145-ish pounds, I’m just barely on the smaller end of “average”-sized hikers and runners. I would assume the same for telescoping trekking poles. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. This pack is intended for experienced ultralight backpackers. Thank you for making my hiking experience SO much better, Gossamer Gear!” - Claudia. I’ve found that doing so helps reduce the chances of the weight sinking down into the bottom of the pack over time. This would enable you to push the weight in the pack higher up on the back, which generally makes it easier to carry. Please try again. Trail Showdown: New England vs. ), Unisex ergonomic shoulder straps and hip belts with ample padding for optimal comfort, Three pack sizes: Small, Medium, and Large, which accommodate torso lengths of 11.5″ to 23.5″, Three hip belt sizes which accommodate waist circumferences of 24” to 50”, Features an internal frame which connects to the hip belt for maximum weight transfer. Like me, he can be a bit of a gear addict.I used the G4-20 on a 4 day, 3 night trip in Kings Canyon, National Park. It still carries beautifully and the design just works. Instead, I find that the weight can send to sag down to your mid- to low back due to the shoulder strap attachment points being relatively high up on the pack. The Mariposa 60 Backpack is the perfect option for anyone transitioning to ultralight backpacking. This is the pack you keep by the front door and use for everything because you totally love it. If you're not sure if it’s the right pack for you, it probably isn’t. I needed a pack large enough to carry standard overnight hiking gear, yet not too bulky that it’d weigh me down or bounce around. Farmer's market. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. And to be honest, I’d probably just get out my sewing machine and reinforce all the major seams before heading out. Appalachian Trail, Pacific Crest Trail, Continental Divide Trail, and Beyond. I think the Kumo is at the upper end of UL backpacks in terms of volume and features. After a month on trail, the pockets were in pretty bad shape, so we sent the pack back to GG in exchange for a replacement. NO GROUND OR EXPRESS SERVICE CAN BE GUARANTEED SO PLAN FOR EXTRA TRANSIT TIME. Given the price, it’s also a good choice for someone wanting to test out the waters of UL backpacking or fastpacking, like myself. The Murmur weighs 12.5 ounces with the included removable fast belt and sitlight pad. It is light, comfortable, holds everything I need it to and compresses down when I’m headed into town. I’m pretty happy with my Kumo 36 as a first-time fastpacker bag. It’s got more than enough storage to get me through the 1-3 day trips that I’ve done and will likely continue doing for a while. Oops, something went wrong. It’s not the lightest pack on the market, but the materials seem better suited for running than those lighter packs. This doesn’t work as well on the left side. They can accommodate a phone with ease, and a canister of bear spray fits perfectly inside as well. () Let's dive in. -Dale. Having a few padded and slightly thick areas gives the pack just enough form and cushion so that you can secure it tightly to your body without excessive pressure points or the bag deforming around its contents. However, there are some issues that can’t be totally ignored. The Aramid & Robic fabrics are way strong and super light, dual haul handles make grab-and-go fast, the easy-loading top zips up tight, shoulder straps are ergo, and there are tons of smart pockets to organize work gear and backcountry essentials.

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