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hallsville school bombing

I was born in Martindale rd we as a family was told to go to hallsville school and be ready to At Surrey Docks, more than a million tons of timber have been set alight; elsewhere warehouses full of crates of tea are blazing fiercely. Hello, The Queen is wearing furs because she believes that 'if the poor people had come to see me they would have put on their best clothes'. We both had the same experience more than once. 3.45am: South Hallsville School is hit by a bomb and reduced to rubble. The story of the reunion featured in the December 6, 1940 edition of the Daily Mirror on page 2. Despite the horror of the previous hours, many London pubs are packed. 'Jokes were made to relieve the tension, beer mugs were put down more noisily to shut out other sounds. The official death toll was given as 77, but is now believed to be closer to 600. Also does anyone know if there is a memorial to the missing, I know the site has been left as a playground or car park but I feel it needs a memorial plaque. Regards Roy, I am researching my family tree and just found distant relatives who died at the School on 10 September 1940, George Newman-Death married my distant relative Ellen Harriet Alsford and had 2 daughters, Annie in 1916 and Ellen in 1918, George’s wife died in 1925 and he remarried soon afterwards to his 2nd wife Elizabeth and had 2 more children, Edward and Daniel Newman-Death, Annie and Ellen along with Edward and Daniel, and their mother Elizabeth all died at the school, George was injured and found but died later at the Plaistow Fever Hospital the same day. I was lucky I was with my father but still got a head injury,which was attended to at seamens hospital. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. My brother went to Ashburton – was a shocker of a school in the 50s. I’d love to know if that was true. One of the first pilots on the scene, Sandy Johnstone, of 602 Squadron, has never seen so many aircraft in the air all at the same time. 4.30am: The 'all clear' sounds again — 436 people have been killed and 1,600 seriously injured. Rgds The Police Station was half way down Lansdowne Rd, between Sandford St and Eldon Rd(Where the Health centre is) both off of Radland Rd (Portland Rd) used to feed the Police horses, Cribs had a Stable nearby. There were perhaps 6 Soldiers alive, one hanging with his ankles trapped between floor (?) As a child I didn’t fully understand the true impact of those gaps in the buildings. In Ealing, West London, schoolboy Roy Bartlett hears the sound of aircraft. Tracing my family tree, I found out my Fathers cousins family were nearly all killed in the raid on South Hallsville School. Pat Barker`s book “NOONDAY” has an account of this tragedy, though she calls it Agate School. Göring is in an especially good mood as he has been told that 98 RAF aircraft were shot down, but the intelligence was exaggerated and the exact figure is 25. I lived in Crediton Road and as kids we would climb the wall of the school beside the gate in Pacific Road. When the queen opened the second plaque at Hallsvile. Angry East Enders were so incensed they staged a sit-in at the Savoy Hotel, and broke into padlocked Tube stations. Quite a few of them were bombed The day before the Hallsville School Bombing. As he gets out of his car, the Prime Minister is surrounded by people calling: 'It was good of you to come, Winnie! (We're flying against England!'). It is disconcertingly tranquil. does anyone know of a book on the history of the school is there a photo or picture of the school, can anyone tell me if the main gate was in pacific road, it would make sense to me given the information that I do have, can anyone help please.I have asked before but this time I would like to get a photo of the school. Look-out Robert Baltrop is up on the roof of a Sainsbury's nearby watching the sky and smoking. My East End: Memories of Life in Cockney London, The War on our Doorstep: London's East End and how the Blitz Changed it Forever, East End Babylon - The Story of the Cockney Rejects [DVD] [2013] [NTSC], Cockney Sign Properganda what cockneys do - London Sign East End Slate Sign, The Country Bride: The No.1 Sunday Times bestseller, a heartwarming summer saga romance (The Village Secrets, Book 3), Walking London’s History: 2000 years in 15 walks. Father (Edward Glitz), Mother and four of their 5 children. Is she is then we’re probably relatedRegards John. The whole school building fell into the basement, leaving hundreds of people dead, dying or trapped. The story went that her family had been allocated beds at the school but when they arrived someone had taken their places. He can only afford to do that because he lives in an ex-council flat, where the bombs fell. We were glued together by dread.'. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. A terrible tragedy! Ten miles away in Croydon General Hospital, RAF pilot Peter Townsend, future boyfriend of Princess Margaret, is also lying injured in bed, listening to the bombs fall. It depicts the disaster of the South Hallsville School bombing in 1940 which killed a many as 600 men, women and children who were sheltering there. Hello Tim I wonder how many people are still alive today thanks to those shelters. 'I knew how effective German bombs could be; if they hit us there would not be much left,' he said. Most of the dead were never ­recovered and the crater was filled in while the official death toll was given as 77. The war cabinet probably covered up the scale of the disaster in an attempt not to lose morale in the area and the country as a whole. Together they looked for the rest of their family, but eventually realised they were the only two to survive. She thought that hundreds had been killed. 3.45am: South Hallsville School is hit by a bomb and reduced to rubble. Sidney starts to help dig people out of wrecked houses, something he will do after every air raid for the next few days. 4.17pm: Eleven Fighter Command squadrons scramble and scores of pilots dash for their Spitfires and Hurricanes; the remaining squadrons in the South-East are put on full alert. Eighteen-year-old Malcolm Phillips, having made sure his parents have survived the fire engulfing the house, runs inside to rescue his 14-year-old sister Myrtle. I have been trying to find out anything I can on South Hallsville school, but it is not information that is readily available.

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