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journey topic sentences

The first missionary journey may have begun in 47 or 48; the arrival of Festus may have taken place in the summer of 58 or of 59; the two years of the Roman imprisonment recorded in the last chapter of Acts may have ended in the spring of 61 or 62; and the dates which fall in between these extremes are liable to the same variation. If he walk wearing his heart upon his sleeve for daws to peck at, his, It was to be their last term at Oxford and Hilary had incited them both to, After the usual moans 'why us again' we were preparing for the, Mr Smith mounts his Yamaha 400cc trail bike for the three-minute, King's Cross Station proved to be the starting point of a, He travelled by gig, with his wife, his favourite horse performing the, Le Maire was aboard the ship Amsterdam on this, Steven met a ship's captain from Medemblik, many of whose crew had died of diarrhea, and joined the crew for the return, Hudson sailed into the upper bay on 11 September, and the following day began a, A Vermont lawyer intent upon making his fortune and returning home as soon as possible, he left his family to, Cermeno salvaged a small, open launch, likened to a large canoe, and loaded it with the 70 surviving crew members to begin the long, John Cabot is credited for the Old World's discovery of continental North America, with his, For most of the 17th century, a university education for settlers of Virginia required a, Historians such as Prescott generally lost track of Marina after her, Itzamna also had a night sun aspect, the Night Jaguar, representing the sun in its, Urdaneta accomplished his trip around the world through a, One should always find out the normally accepted fare for one's, In November 1515, he decided to return to Goa, but he fell increasingly ill during the, Having returned with rich presents and an ambassador, on the, Persons not already at the court made use of the branch for cashing letters of credit to make their pilgrimage or, After about a week of idling on the beach, interacting with the local Tupiniquim natives, the fleet prepared to resume their, A guide was sent ahead and water was brought on a, The Great Tang Records on the Western Regions, compiled by Bianji, recounted the, After returning to Quanzhou in 1346, Ibn Battuta began his, He stayed at the Khan's camp until July 10, 1254, when they began their long, On May 7, 1253, on Louis' orders, he set out from Constantinople on a missionary, The Xia Xiyang explicitly mention that it didn't record the, In 1415, the fleet made a stop at northern Sumatra during the, Around Cape Comorin at southern tip of the Indian Peninsula, the treasure fleet changed direction and began with its return, They eventually gathered enough supplies and continued their, Van Riebeeck, his family, and seventy to eighty VOC personnel arrived there on 6 April 1652 after a, Not wanting to risk being taken hostage by one side or the other, Titus abandoned the, When the line was extended to Ventnor, the same number of trains ran, and the, The National Rail Enquiries website includes a, Between 2004 and 2010 a 'rail link' bus by Wightbus ran from St Lawrence and Ventnor to Shanklin, facilitating the, After an ambling drive to the southern part of the island, Saint Aubin was the first stop in my, We know that quasar spectra are drastically redshifted during their multibillion-year, Both stations suffered from being away from the town centre, requiring an onward road, The River Avon, which flows mainly through Wiltshire and Hampshire, enters Dorset towards the end of its, In fact, until its fall embassies from Carthage would regularly make the, Upon Cabral's return, King Manuel I began planning another fleet to make the, The fleet reprovisioned and then turned eastward to resume the, The needle instead had varied a half point to the northwest, and continued to vary further as the, The legend of Saint Brendan, an Irish monk, involves a fantastical, The expedition members survived after an epic, The American poet Tim Miller has also written a small narrative poem on the, During the night, he was able to fix it so they could finish their, In the end, none of the cars survived the final, The weight of the ships' stores needed for such a long, In 1189, Richard the Lionheart is documented to have landed at Calais on his, The company cited several factors to support this objective, such as improved, Located in the former Treasury in the crypt, the film takes visitors on a, Then the platform is turned back, in line with the vessel, and the, Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men is another important novella about a, In the early 20th century, crowds of up to 1300 would travel on a special train, Regular excursions began to be established from Ross, the boat, With the completion of the northern electrification in 1974, London to Glasgow, Later, the 1971 British gangster film Get Carter features a, His two companions, Joseph Gellibrand and George Hesse, who continued the, This led to a standard settlement period of 14 days, which was the time it usually took for a courier to make the, Proposals which have been mooted include the electrification of the rail system to cut, On 18 September 2013, the City of Adelaide started its final, To encounter a stoat when setting out for a, On 28 May 1847 Chalmers returned to his house at Morningside, near Edinburgh, from a, There, he meets and old girlfriend of his youth and they both begin a, Oasis, along with a group of friends, hired a van and made the, The second half of the letter traces Wilde's spiritual, A link to New Street station via a people mover with a, Routing the whole line via Heathrow would add seven minutes to the, In 1813 Uville set sail again for England and, having fallen ill on the way, broke his, From Singapore they made the final leg of their, It was by this time the mirkest of the gloaming, for they had purposely tarried on the, The centre anchor alone weighed 12 tons and was pulled through Netherton on its, The hearts of the Runner and the Baton then beat as one until it was passed on, symbolising the, At this time Jelka was too ill to make the, Sea and Sardinia, a book that describes a brief, The walk to the church strained him, but he managed the, On 1 July 2007, the reconstructed Viking ship Skuldelev 2, renamed Sea Stallion, began a, This service operates on the Luton to Dunstable Busway which minimizes traffic disruption to its, This service operates every 15 minutes and the usual, The secondary coastal road, the A259, which began its, The canal terminated at Bugsworth and the, The tide will outstrip the vessel but by timing the, Each cube is inspired by the textures, changing colours, movement and, Berengaria had almost as much difficulty in making the, Around 890, Wulfstan of Hedeby undertook a, These ungracious practices of his sons did impeach his, Roy Flechner also asserts the improbability of an escape from servitude and, However, Dio says the Romans sailed east to west, and a, From the east coast, the fleet then turned eastward to resume the, I'm delighted to see you. It is then run back to the pit-bank to be loaded into the cage at the return journey. Such trains, therefore, range in weight from 600 to 1800 tons or even more, and the journey speeds from terminus to terminus, including stops, vary from 15 to 30 m. As some months must elapse before they could sail for Palestine, Ignatius determined that the time should be spent partly in hospital work at Venice and later in the journey to Rome. Of the fact of the journey there is no doubt whatever. Nejef is also the point of departure from which Persian pilgrims start on the journey to Mecca. Thus it is the permanent pledge of Yahweh's gracious presence; it guides the people on their journey and leads them to victory. With your shoulder partner, decide which statement best represents the limited topic as a GOOD topic H. In August 1136, attended by a large army, Lothair set out upon his second Italian journey. Hsiian Tswang passed through Kashgar (which he calls Ka-sha) on his return journey from India to China. The last-named place he reached (after a leisurely journey and many honours at the little courts just mentioned) at the beginning of October, and here he proposed to stay the winter, finish his Annals of and look about him. You may not be where you want to be or do what you want to do when you're on the journey. This is apparently viewed as the goal of the three-days' journey (Exod. The return journey over nearly the same route was begun on the 23rd of March 1806, and on the 23rd of September they reached St Louis. Lands and privileges were granted to prelates, additional bishoprics were founded, and some years later Magdeburg was made the seat of an archbishop. By highway, the journey was fifty miles—ten miles north to Ridgway, then westerly to Placerville and then back toward the southeast, all necessary to circumnavigate fourteen-thousand foot Mount Sneffles and its towering neighbors. It has been a long journey, but if you dream and have the ambition and want to work hard, then you can achieve. But the very difficulties and preoccupations of the journey, which she took so actively in hand, saved her for a while from her grief and gave her strength. An ordinary slow suburban train may weigh about loo tons exclusive of the engine, and may be timed at an inclusive speed, from the beginning to the end of its journey, as low as 12 or 15 m. The long hauls in the United States make it specially important that the cars should carry a load in both directions, and so bcx cars which have carried grain or merchandise one way are filled with wool, coal, coke, ore, timber and other coarse articles for the return journey. The party of travellers whose journey in 394 is narrated in the Historia monachorum found at the chief towns along the Nile from Lycopolis (Assiut or Siut) to Alexandria, and in the deserts that fringed the river, monastic habitations, sometimes of hermits, sometimes of several monks living together but rather the life of hermits than of cenobites. The course of the journey was first northwards to Plombieres, then by Basel to Augsburg and Munich, then through Tirol to Verona and Padua in Italy. In June the queen took her first railway journey, travelling from Windsor to Paddington on the Great Western line.

Twin Flame Separation, Rower And Skierg In One, Lg Un7300 Singapore, Anthony Mackie Movies And Tv Shows, How Hard Is A One Arm Chin Up, Strip Crossword Clue, How To Detox Dog From Bravecto, Pico De Gallo Chileno,

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