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my boyfriend cried in front of me

We're actually complete opposites. Please Log In or add your name and email to post the comment. Does it suck? One of the saddest things in the world is that society has trained men to bottle their feelings and not express it. Some tears from sadness. After, when a woman cries in front of a man, it seems as though, even if he temporarily takes pity on her, we worry that he may forever see her as either weak or overly emotional. Once when our daughter was born (I did too) and once when we hit the two week mark of exhaustion and stress (I did too.). What Does It Mean When a Man Cries in Front of His Woman? I couldn't think of anything so I just hugged her. Ideally, you'll find their words have the same affect on you, too. It’s never bothered her or put her off. Of course the first answer to why you cried in front of your ex that comes to mind is sadness. A friend of mine told me about this one time she saw her husband cry at the funeral of his father. "For me, it ranges from indifference to joy. Absolutely. Wailing because you had a bad day at work and then the pizza guy is late: Super awkward. I don't like to see women cry so I try to do something to make her happy or give her a shoulder to cry on. 0 0. Usually for men, sex makes everything better. He was an hour away and drove to see me. Just as long as they’re breaking down in tears over a Save the Children commercial every other hour the way a super emotional woman would! If you need to cry, do it. ", 6. Yes. I never want to see her cry again because of something that I've done. I cried recently in front of my SO due to a medical condition that was causing me significant pain. It's also because, to many people, crying means losing control — and when you're a woman, the last thing you want is to be seen as "hysterical" if you want to be taken seriously. Follow. The worst of this I’ve seen was when my best friend’s wife left him four months after his mother lost her battle with cancer and he wept like a newborn the day of the funeral. This is extremely immature, and will show him that you’re not taking him seriously. I mean, if he’s comfortable enough to let it all hang out like that with me, then he must think I’m pretty special. Of course he’s crying. Being able to be vulnerable with your SO is strong, because you are trusting them to let you be yourself. If a woman faults you for that then Jesus, good riddance, do you really want to be with someone who expects you to be the pinnacle of stoicism all the time? There is no shame, only outdated preconceptions that do not and should not matter, especially with your SO. Think about it this way. If you’re saying you’re insecure about some facet of yourself, you finish it with ..”and i’m gonna do THIS in order to fix it!”. ", 4. ", RELATED: 7 Types Of Women That Men Run From (Every Single Time), 3. But I’d rather be emotionally honest and open with her than close up. Some from joy. … I get my emotions and so do you. Not in the slightest, just an observer of behavior. You can’t imagine your future without your ex, and this is totally normal. Crying over a death of a loved one: understandable. Death of family is a big one. Go for a tall glass of water instead. I made her cry once and felt like the lowest life form in the universe. But hiding emotions behind a macho wall is what is weak. Girls, man... sometimes just use this to trick you back!”, “I don’t think there’s anything wrong with a man crying. It can be because you fought, or it can be unrelated to anything going on between the two of you.". Crying all the time is not. ", 8. I think crying is fine, and perfectly healthy — when in balance to the situation, however sometimes I feel it can be done as a manipulative measure to make the person opposite in an argument feel like a jerk, even if they may not be. It would be a very bad sign for a relationship if one or both people don’t feel comfortable enough to open up to the other. We broke up because of his committment phobic issues. I am constantly terrified that a guy will see my tears as lack of emotional maturity or think that I'm just crying to manipulate him and get my way. I know I'm not alone in this. But that's changed with time. I worked with her for several years and when I saw her crying, I really didn't know what to do in that situation, I felt helpless. I am just as likely to cry when I'm sad as I am when I'm angry or scared or frustrated. He's very vocal and open, while I'm very shy and closed off. And she comforted me so that went about as well as it could. When a beautiful woman cries in front of me, I don't give any help at all. She hated being pregnant because of the hormonal crying. I… kinda fall in the “men don’t cry” camp. IF anything they would be the only people I would chose to cry in front of. Well, if it wasn’t actually so bad, maybe he wouldn’t be crying. Is it shitty and unfair? This is your job to deal with it, even if you have no idea what to do. 7 Reasons Crying Is Actually Good For You, 11 Little Things Men Secretly Adore About The Woman They Love. "I hate to see a woman cry, especially if she's hurt or upset. But if he’s crying, don’t try to seduce him into a romp in the sheets. That said, up to a point, I think enduring stress is an admirable trait in either sex. We make men emotionally distant and tense by pushing them too hard as boys. '", 10. You just sound bitter! “The first time my man cried in front of me, I thought it was huge step in the right direction! Your man needs to feel loved right now, and he needs a hug and a shoulder to cry on. If my significant other and I are having a conversation of importance or an argument and she begins to cry, it means our conversation stops until the crying stops. I do know that I feel better after I cry, so I can appreciate what might be appealing to people about that wrung-out lightness that comes after a good bout of sobbing. My wife is there for me when I have to let it out an cry. Here’s An Underrated Horror Movie (And Sequel) That Are Both Streaming On Netflix, How This TikToker Used A Viral Trend To Spread Awareness About HS, The Best Arguments That Burke Did It In The JonBenét Ramsey Case, Here Is Each Sign’s Comprehensive November Horoscope For 2020, 6 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Committing To Someone. But if I see a man crying, I assume something is wrong. Don’t you remember when Michael Jordan won his first championship? Or if you’re more of a cryer, instead of a full-on weep, you just sob a little and let a single tear roll down your cheek. Unless you’re crying at incredibly inappropriate times (like losing a dollar or some shit), most women who actually care about you, will if anything see it as something bringing you closer together rather than something to make her question you. So men grow up thinking that if they cry, it means they are less of a man. Don’t be embarrassed. No, you haven’t. Tears are not a sign of weakness, though. The guys who responded said some stuff that was pretty ridiculous, some stuff that wasn't surprising, and some stuff that actually gave me hope! Sign up for the Thought Catalog Weekly and get the best stories from the week to your inbox every Friday. Openly cry in front of a SO? He’s not you, and a hot cup of tea won’t make everything better. But then she said that if she saw him crying for just about any other reason at all, she’d think less of him. "I instantly feel guilty, regardless of whether I did anything wrong. The whole world watched him cry then! She knows that I can't keep being angry with her when she cries without looking like a monster. I don't care at all if the girl is ugly. Learn about us. I’m not hugely concerned with the ease of my crying, I just don’t like that it changes how people treat me. We just have to be supportive and empathetic, and offer … Lv 6. And sometimes life just throws you in the dirt, kicks you in the ribs, and pisses on you, and you gotta let a little out. Always. Facebook. I would be sad but be strong so she can be happy. Women cry at the drop of a hat, as a matter of stereotype. I don't think I'm alone on this one. Does it make them melt? look, i'm 20 years old and my best friend cried in front of me one time when his Nonna passed away. The truth is that (pretty much) everyone cries, even if we do it for different reasons. Be supportive of him and don’t make him feel like you think he’s being a crybaby. 8. Don’t you remember when Michael Jordan won his first championship? For reference, I asked this question: "What goes through your mind when a woman you're dating cries in front of you? How do you feel? No it doesn't make me feel powerful just sad when she is sad. If you gotta cry, let it out. Why make a scene and embarrass him? It's how she wins every single time. It’s a natural way to release emotions and to do otherwise is to withhold thoughts and emotions and make things more difficult for yourself than they need be. Most people, regardless of gender, find it uncomfortable to deal with strong emotions like crying. My wife just hugged me until I stopped and has never said anything about it.

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