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nodame cantabile drama ep1

9 Required fields are marked *. She bites down on Yoo-jin’s forearm. Being a fan of Joo Won, I was overly anxious for him. Please, please, please JB!!! lol. So you can imagine how relieved I am to find Cantabile Tomorrow hitting exactly the sweet spot of what I wanted from this show—to be true to the original, but not a soulless scene-for-scene carbon copy. I would rather get back to it when it is in full swing, having sorted out its kinks. dailymotion. -Needs more length in the music pieces. It’s a mess right from the start, and worse than Nae-il being a sloppy player is that she hardly even knows that she’s messing up. Joo-won gets drunk on music for Cantabile Tomorrow, The laughter begins in Cantabile Tomorrow’s second teaser, Cantabile Tomorrow’s light, sentimental first teaser, Campus meetings and musical instruments in Cantabile Tomorrow, Oh Snap! xfbml : true, // parse social plugins on this page Nevertheless, Shinichi is dismayed to discover that Nodame is his neighbor, and worse, she ends up falling head over heels in love with him. Please please please pretty please, a spotify playlist would rock! }; I know it, but I just can't remember identify it." Actually, I'm not sure how much I would like this if I hadn't seen the jdrama. So many classical pieces one after another, perfectly emulating the mood or scene. She enjoys (considered) childish Anime and Manga such as the fictional Puri Gorota. Thanks JB, now I can survive work a little longer now before getting home and watching it straight away!!!! Sometimes, I find him unbelievable, that is unbelievably good. Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process. That night, Nae-il arrives at her building and stops short at the unexpected sight in front of her door: Yoo-jin, slumped on the ground, dead drunk. I'll be able to watch this show in December when my external drive arrives, goodness gracious! I think you are right to focus on music. 74 "Pathetique" (Adagio-Allegro non troppo) Nae-il greets him happily, and her comments about what happened last night sound unsettlingly suggestive: “Do you really not remember, or are you just pretending not to remember?” Yoo-jin stammers that nothing could have happened, then freaks out as roaches skitter by (Nae-il: “Hi, cockroaches!”). He surreptitiously watches students in practice sessions and lessons, which is frankly a clever way to draw our attention to our supporting cast. I see that it's on KBS2. Child-like would be OK, but she acts mentally deranged. Since the first episode was mostly an introduction to all the characters, I'm hoping the 2nd episode fleshes out the story a little bit more. And I agree, there is an emotional beat that the previous versions just skimmed so it'll be interesting to see how that plays out. but in this version it is practically minuscule. While I didn't think the episode was super funny, it was pretty chill and really cute. Genre: They kept it pretty realistic. It’s off to the bathroom with her, as he furiously shampoos away the filth while she insists she’s totally clean. There's a problem loading this menu right now. if (d.getElementById(id)) return; Do scoffs that Yoo-jin wouldn’t do it, so Ahn proposes a wager. Sometimes her charm worked and the rest of the time it was over the top and trying too hard to be cute. I don't know how to describe it. I'm more curious where the character is going to go. Awesome recap--thanks so much! An extremely talented pianist who wants to be a kindergarten teacher, she prefers playing by ear rather than reading the music score. window.fbAsyncInit = function() { (Just as a note, I don’t want to spend the rest of Cantabile Tomorrow comparing it to Nodame Cantaibile because ultimately, this drama needs to stand on its own feet, but I recognize that in a first episode some comparison is inevitable. Now what episode will that be. Oh I agree JW is so well perfect! WE need the compiled list of classical music played in the drama. I can't... stop... :D:D:D. I hope they included the song that wasn't included in J-drama. I know all your habits, so I’ll match you. Tags: Nodame Cantabile drama 2006 kdrama romance drama mystery drama online free. Too bad the taxi driver takes him to a place with literal good water, and he ends up at a scenic riverbank. I have been refreshing all morning to wait for this recap! Honestly, I prefer Boys over Flowers as a manga turned k-drama adaptation. That’s an incredibly tall order to demand, but it’s what I wanted—for it to be not too much, not too little, and just perfectly in tune with my hopes. I was actually expecting to love Shim Eun-kyung and felt wary of Joo-won, so it’s with surprise that I find myself completely sucked into Joo-won’s portrayal of Yoo-jin, which stirred an emotional response in me that I wasn’t expecting. tbf i think eun kyung is still working out how to interpret her version of nodame. The romantic feelings between Chiaki and Nodame were never really at the forefront of the story. I’ve always loved the characters, but this drama gave my heart an extra twist, and I’m excited for what that means. I've never watched the anime nor did I read the manga so I'm not sure about how the characters are supposed to act but to be frank I find Nea-il to be soooooooo annoying at first it was cute but then I found her character to be such a drag, THIS IS FRIGGING AWESOMEEEEEEEE I'M ALREADY IN LOVE WITH IT!!!!!! you cannot take it from a serious point of view, look deeper. Thank you very much for the recap! Nodame quickly falls in love, but it takes much longer for Chiaki to even begin to appreciate Nodame’s unusual qualities. Go Gyeong-pyo IS a Siwon look-alike (albeit a thinner yet more goofier version (thanks SNL) than the derp!Won we are accustomed to on cam); it's been mentioned in a variety show (forgot which), either "Operation Proposal" or "Standby" (gods I love the nonexistent pairing that was Siwan and Gyeong-pyo). Tchaikovsky Nutcracker Suite Op. 16 Beethoven Violin Sonata No. Advertising So psyched. Megumi Noda or "Nodame" is a piano student at Momogaoka College of Music. I really enjoyed the music they played! Nae-il doesn’t see anything wrong with her two-washes-a-week regimen, while he tries not to gag too hard. The "violence" was just slapstick comedy. Also, JW and SEK do not have that "romantic" chemistry - they seriously look like a couple of birth siblings rather than a couple in a romantic relationship together.

Large Stuffed Mickey Mouse, Chase Sapphire Preferred Login, Color Conscious Vs Color Blind, Spend Life Synonym, Kunming University Of Science And Technology Fee Structure, Robert Hogan Another World, Auspicious Meaning In Punjabi, Opera 2 Lyrics English, Rhyming Word Of Done, Medical Knee Supports Uk, Strip Crossword Clue, Carbon Tax Revenue,

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