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part time jobs for 17 year olds near me

Please use this form to submit any feedback you may have. If you need more management structure, and want to learn from professionals, you can apply to a landscaping company instead. Keep in mind that tour guides for private companies are also included in this average. Many stores will give regular raises based on experience, loyalty, and reliability. SeaWorld® is seeking enthusiastic performers in the height ranges of 5’1”–5’4” and 5’10”–6’2…. One of the best benefits to working in tech support is the pay. For more information, see the. Sort by: relevance - date. While the biggest demand for lifeguards tends to be in the summer, there are plenty of indoor pools around to make this a possible year-round job. Each area in our company plays an important role in the delivery of quality products for tweens (7…, Must be at least 16 years of age. The low-stress way to find your next 17 year old job opportunity is on SimplyHired. We are proud to provide competitive benefits and pay. This can be good if you still need to focus on your education or extracurricular activities and don't want to be tied down with a full time job just yet. Bottom Line: the average pay per hour for Bakery Assistants is $11.48. We are constantly working to provide you with a challenging and rewarding work experience, and we hope that you will come and talk to us. It is important to know what the laws in your area are regarding teenagers and lifting excess weight or using machinery to move large boxes and things. Bottom Line: depending on what kind of business you are working for, you could receive minimum wage or twice as much an hour ($7.25 to $14.50). Here are 30 great jobs that hire at 17 and what you can expect in terms of salary. Every state has different laws regarding how and when 17 year olds can work. Food Delivery Driver . Then tech support might be for you! Waiters and waitresses often make a lower starting wage, but collect tips. Stores will hire stockers to fulfill these duties instead. Try to think about what kinds of stores you like to shop at and apply there first. If you love animals this could be a great job for you. There are a lot of different stores that hire teenagers. Some community pools as well as gym pools will provide training for their lifeguards. Utilizing knowledge of positional skills, customer service and courtesy, health and safety regulations and all Wendy's policies and procedures. 470,149 17 year old jobs available on If you can't work during the school year because of other activities you participate in, you should consider looking into winter break and summer break seasonal jobs instead. The average base pay of an usher is $21,452. Bottom Line: the average yearly salary for a fast food crew member is $15,000 to $19,500 a year. Many retail outlets as well as entertainment venues and restaurants will hire extra staff during the busy holiday seasons or during the summer. If this is you, then let us find it for you within your budget! Bottom Line: if you work as a Busser you will probably make minimum wage, which could be between $7.25 and $12 (depending on where you live). It may also mean that you'll have to take dogs inhabiting the kennels for walks and provide them with enrichment so they don't become despondent and possibly destructive. Much like retail, you will find a lot of options available, so you can pick a restaurant that you enjoy. Some companies also offer bonuses to stockers that can get items onto the shelves quickly and in good condition. Because ride attendants require special safety training, minors will often work alongside older employees. Some states don't limit the amount of hours. Some of the daily tasks of tech support professionals include connecting devices to the internet, removing programs from a computer, setting up email accounts, removing viruses, or installing security software. While you will be watching children who are younger than you, you'll be more focused on leading group activities and maintaining a schedule. Indeed may be compensated by these employers, helping keep Indeed free for … Can I get a job that relates to my future career at 17? This is the person that greets customers at the door and determines how many are in their party and where they'd like to sit. Indeed may be compensated by these employers, helping keep Indeed free for job seekers. Many retail clerks and cashiers start out making minimum wage. The average pay of a server is between $2 and $12 depending on the area according to PayScale, but this doesn't include daily tips. New part time jobs for 15 year olds careers are added daily on SimplyHired may be compensated by these employers, helping keep SimplyHired free for jobseekers. Those that work out of offices make slightly more, with an average rate of $13 an hour. Local gyms, community centers, and day care centers often will hire teenagers to cover their front office areas. Many teens working on a theater crew will rotate positions throughout their tenure, which means you can learn about a multitude of jobs and responsibilities all while working in one place. Semester starts and ends), occasional weekends, and flexibility in scheduling to work periodically during the school year. Some areas, however, will allow for drivers under the age of 18. In order to stay in business, fast food restaurants need workers to cook the food, take orders, and clean up after customers. Must be at least 16 years of age. Posted Mar 22, 2020. They will be required to greet customers/clients, answer phones, and do light paperwork. Working as a camp counselor isn't the same thing as being a baby sitter. Most states prohibit 17 year olds from working past 10 p.m. or before 5 a.m. Often they are the person who shows them to their table when it becomes available. While many places do not allow delivery drivers 16 or under, even in the areas where 17-year-olds can be hired to drive for work they can't always find companies willing to take a chance on them. That does not mean that all restaurants will require that of their dishwashing staff. There are no federal labor laws restricting how long 17 year olds can work, all restrictions are set by state laws. Many places will need you to be 18 or older to work with heavy equipment. They also will hire teens in areas such as their bakeries. Be sure to look that up before applying for jobs. It can take years to become a great baker, but it can only take a few weeks or months to become a great bakery assistant. When it comes to looking for part time jobs for 17 year olds, try looking for a call center or retail location that will train you. Here are some of the key things to remember: Modeling for Teens: How to Become a Teenage Model, 31 Jobs That Hire 16 Year Olds in 2020 (Part-Time & Well Paid), 30 Jobs That Hire 15 Year Olds in 2020 (Part-Time & Online), 15 Best Jobs For 18 Year Olds in 2020 (No Experience Required), 30 Jobs That Hire 14 Year Olds in 2020 (Part-Time & Online), Jobs for Teens – 7 Places That Hire Teens in 2020 (+ How To Get a Job). Busy hotels will always need people that are willing to work hard and clean up after visitors. 61 part time jobs for 15 year olds jobs available. We call our Aeropostale team members Brand Ambassadors because they promote the culture, values…. Older theaters may still need projectionists to start and stop movies on time, though with the advances in technology that may not be as necessary as it once was. Strong Customer service skills and a great attitude are required. At least 16 years or older. The ice cream-ologist is responsible for serving up…, You are at least 16 years of age. Give us a call or message us today! For many 17 year olds, it is easier to get started by working in a call center. Plus, many camps are held during the summer, so it won’t take away homework time during the year! They often hire teenagers and young adults who need to work on a part time basis to accommodate school schedules. A housekeeping crew at a hotel will do many of these chores, but they must do them quickly and will make up several rooms each shift. If you work part time (at 20 hours a week) all year long you can make over $10,000 a year in this position. At some restaurants they make quite a bit less (around $19,000 a year) while at others they can receive up to $34,000 in a year. Do you love animals? This may be after school five days a week, or every morning before school. The average salary of a full time worker is $17,804, but keep in mind that if you choose to stay with the company after high school, you may be able to get a better paying position. You can even set your own rates! While you may not get tips serving as a host or hostess, you may make more per hour than they do, or you may work in a restaurant where tips are split between waitstaff, hosts, and bussers at the end of the day. While they may be strict about how old they require employees to be on a regular basis, they may relax these rules to allow for workers under the age of 18 at this time. Looking for an employer that will treat you with RESPECT? The rate will depend on the agreement you reach with your employer. Grocery stores often hire teenagers to work as cashiers, stockers, and associates. Like fast food restaurants, movie theaters often hire teenagers and young adults to work on their crews. Not only will you be able to see the latest Hollywood releases, you'll be able to make a little extra money. Though it may seem complicated, being a barista is not actually the most difficult job in the world. In many places it is not your age that will keep you from being a lifeguard. Retail is known for hiring 17 year olds with no experience and being flexible with student schedules. Are you trying to save up extra money for college? If you answered yes to both of those, being a kennel assistant (or kennel worker) may be the job for you. Teenagers can usually do this job around their school schedule with little trouble. For more information, see the SimplyHired Privacy Policy. A lifeguard needs to be able to perform first aid and CPR, as well as rescue people from drowning situations. Now that you have a list of what kind of jobs to look for, here are a few companies you can apply at now. This includes teenagers. While experience with dogs is usually required, a long background in animal care isn't always necessary for employers to hire a dog walker. Someone needs to be on the floor helping out customers who are looking for items in the store. They may not have an industrial dishwasher in the building, and instead require all of their plates, glasses, and silverware be washed by hand. Instead it will be your lack of certification and athletic ability. ​. Jobs Hiring Near Me Part Time For 17 Year Olds Stroman-Johnson.Sales calls can be a bit complicated if you aren't used to them, but most telemarketing when it comes to looking for part time jobs for 17 year olds, try looking for a call center or retail location that will train you.

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