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They waited as the light of the sun began to glow in the horizon…. "Democracy." However, this commander, who your grandfather served under, had no interest for such a task. We fought for revenge… When Berlin fell, how did our leaders repay us? Jaune, and the other prisoners navigated their way through the prison camp and exchanged gunfire with the guards back and forth as they advanced steadily to their next objective. Third vehicle," said Ren, "Shit. He would never, ever lay a hand on Ruby, let alone hurt her. The pressure made Blake whine in pain, but that was silenced, but the pistol muzzle against her forehead. The world I'm showing you is based on the game with the same name. However, she still shows concern about Jaune's bullying from Cardin and encourages him on his attempts to flirt with Weiss. To achieve this goal, he used fake transcripts to cheat into enrollment at Beacon Academy. asked Kali. They never permitted me in certain areas.". We have toiled in Dragovich's mines until the flesh peeled from our bones… We have watched our comrades succumb to sickness and disease… We have been starved. He appears to be heavily motivated to improve as a fighter because of Pyrrha's death. "OH! asked Blake, incredulous of the suggestions. He hurt a version of me, who was a guy," insisted Ruby, "That's like the total opposite of hurting me.". Jaune listens to Pyrrha's entire monologue about her loneliness for being a celebrity and the reason why she likes him. "For honor! I suspected that the dust Torchwick stole was used to blow a hole in Vale's defences during the Breach, and used by the White Fang in their attack in Volume 3. There's only so much dork we could handle.". Before they have a chance to celebrate their success in defending Vale from the Breach, RWBY, Pyrrha, Nora, and Ren find themselves in the Archive, a vast multiverse library complex. 'Could I do that?' During the days when Jaune deals with Cardin Winchester, Jaune ignores Ruby's concerns and refuses to accept the fact that he is being bullied in front of their friends. cried one of the prisoners. "Little things like, we ought to tolerant of those who disagree with us." Please… Please wake up!". Jaune looked back to the other two, and saw that Blake tripped, and dragged Ren with her. he asked, "…Do it.". "Months of planning, Jaune!" "Perhaps it's a bit of both," said Ozpin, "Perhaps the interrogators need to know how something happened, but it occurred in Mr. Arc's past.". "I know Special Forces are good, but isn't that overkill?" His team responds to him with full loyalty and are willing to follow his judgment even if they do not fully agree with his choice. "I never realize you wanted to work with me. Qrow asked Ozpin who just shrugged. So bare with it. Jaune scrambled to find anything clean that could stop Ren's bleeding. Sergei approached from behind, and swung his pickaxe. Thought it'll be more nice to bring more people to watch and think about it.". There they will watch their friend Jaune in a variety of situations. There's the bastard. "Nice shot," said Yang, "You two are almost as good as Ruby.". After several months have passed, in "Remembrance", it is revealed that Jaune has not gotten over Pyrrha's death, as he watches a video recording of her on repeat to help him train at night. "If you think about it, there times when people were given too much freedom, they began to do things that are not right. A guard with a club approached, and began to shout. The barrage continued a while longer and tore into the corpses as Jaune, Reznov, and Sergei took cover to the side. Jaune and the prisoners called. I especially love how both pictures draw attention to the height difference between Jaune and Weiss. "Because it is as we wish!" Jaune led the two through the street, and fended off White Fang grunts. "That guard was a fool. Jaune pushed the button and the door opened, but it was too late. Out-of-character? "He looks intense.". "Hey! This cause her spine chills. Jaune came to at the sound of a train, and gunfire. In "Welcome to Haven", Jaune is the first of Team RNJR to meet Oscar, believing him to be a random stranger and asking if he needs help. After Saphron suggests that he and his friends go to Mistral to get their licenses, Jaune later turns down the offer to continue to Atlas. Yang appears to accept Jaune's friendship with Ruby, knowing they get along well. said Ozpin. Jauen tried to help Ren, but the wounded man tripped and fell. "Hmm… It's military related like most of the ones in this batch, and it may strike home for some in this room. She grabbed it just enough for a secure hold, and tossed it back. "...Drop a few bombs, topple a dictator and started a democracy!" "Step four… unleash the horde," said Jaune. As soon as the gun fire ceased, they made their move. Seeing Cinder Fall, Pyrrha's killer, at the Battle of Haven causes him to have an emotional breakdown and attack her on sight. Blake willed herself and crawled, and only just made it before the closed. When Jaune laments about not discovering his Semblance in "Lighting the Fire", he is told by Ozpin that his journey is far from over and that finding his power will not be the end of it. "Oh, I'm sure you know a lot about desperate people," said Qrow, pointedly. Jaune is a former first-year student at Beacon Academy. I remember when I was a kid, dad could lift me up with one arm…" Ilia said fondly. "Sergei! Jaune calls Weiss and Ruby and begs them to save Pyrrha before throwing his Scroll to the ground and falling to his knees in frustration and despair. "Where did they take you?" "No," said Archie, "I meant one bomb. His work after the war won our family the trust of Menagerie's leader and people, which gave our family the position as the chieftain of Kua Koana.". "No, it does not," said Weiss, calmly, "However, it will be a good step to mend fences, and perhaps lay a foundation for a better future.". "Victory cannot be achieved without sacrifice, Jaune. "More reinforcements! Jaune struggled against the binds, in the hopes it would somehow end the memories. ", "I'd given up hope of ever getting out…" Jaune ignored and muttered, "But Viktor Reznov found a way…". Weiss asked interested about it's odd structure. "…Maybe," Blake said, but was not so sure. Blake crawled, with the hopes of helping, but to her shock, it was not the woman that moved. "Sure." Jaune quickly shot down the attacker, and made his way to what appeared to be the control room. "Thanks for pointing out the obvious," said Qrow. asked Pyrrha, a little in awe. "And I have the 'Power'." "Well, looks like you're going to need help with some of that," chuckled Tai, who picked up a roasted peanut chocolate bar that fell to the floor. Blake and Jaune looked to one another, nodded, and prepped and tossed a grenade each. Adam pocketed his scroll, and both Blake and he looked once more at the city. Jaune saw her open the door, and he moved. During "With Friends Like These" they run afoul of Neopolitan disguised as Oscar and rush to his protection once her illusion is broken. Even power. But in "Dead End", their relationship is strained when Jaune attacks Oscar in paranoia and Ruby has to yell at him to stop. Yang, Blake, and Winter growled furiously. On you.". "Looks like they're going to be free!" Despite his time in Vorkuta, Jaune's Russian wasn't anything to tout about, and there was a lot he didn't quite get. "Hey – Svoloch!" "Okay as much as I hate it, that was cool." In particular, he finds her smug and unrepentant personality in regards to the deaths of innocent lives to be positively enraging, prompting him to ask what is wrong with her for her to be so twisted and broken inside. So for upcoming chapters that I listed, since I have a number of COD reactions lined up, I chose to do a COD, followed by an anime from the list. Although initially unsure, the events of "Jaunedice" and "Forever Fall" make Jaune develop a sense of responsibility for his teammates' well being, even excluding his own to achieve it. Ilia nodded to Sun, who returned the nod. said Pyrrha triumphantly to Raven. "They might be dishonorable discharges," said Ironwood. "It looks awesome!" "This way!" When Jaune shows up with Pyrrha during the Battle of Beacon, Ozpin treats him with respect and confidence. Blake wasn't sure if she could be prepared for that. Blake scowls at him for almost carelessly revealing her secret to anybody in the library that could hear him. "The White Fang was founded to fight for equal rights in a legal and civil manner," objected Ghira. When they both arrive without dates to the dance, Jaune searches for Ruby to have someone to talk to for the night and jokes about their status as socially awkward people. Jaune almost let go of the ladder in shock. "One wrong word, and it's over for her," said Raven. Jaune looked down at her, her face still in his sights. "Maybe the radio ran out of battery," said Velvet. In "Lighting the Fire", Jaune watches Oscar spar with Ruby, impressed at how quickly he's learning in the process. Before they have a chance to celebrate their success in defending Vale from the Breach, RWBY, Pyrrha, Nora, and Ren find themselves in the Archive, a vast multiverse library complex. Jaune went into the vault, and saw the weapon in question. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. he said before he kicked in the door.

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