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the life simulator guide

In most cases, you will be able to progress in your career after completing the number of weeks indicated under the job, so salaries will get better… but not fast. Go to the piggy bank tab in the top-menu -> there you can check incomings and outgoings. I have got a level 8 camera and am still making lame and terrible videos. dear creator of this forum, I immediately started as an app developer at the age of 19, you struggle between 20-26 than you (by 50), startup the real estate company (as it gives the most income) take all contracts, than do ad campaigns until the the reputation reaches 1000, than upgrade, rinse repeat except don’t do ad campaigns also, set the resources to high. Renting would be a good option in the early game. The Life Simulator Tips: Cheats & Guide to Build Your Perfect Life, Bee Factory Cheats: Tips & Guide to Unlock All Bees, My Supermarket Story: Store Tycoon Simulation Cheats: Tips & Guide for Making Money, XCOM 2 Collection To Release On Android in 2021, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night New Playable Character Announced. Go into your device settings and set your date and time to the highest date, enter the app, earn an easy 410K, go back to your settings, set your date and time back to normal, and repeat. In some of the careers, you will need a degree or certificate. However, you will need to put aside a lot of money in order to afford it. Don’t leave money in the bank once you are making a ton. Tap the like button in the top-right corner/menu. All that matters is shown in the top left corner: your stats, your money and your debt. Always keep an eye on your stats Extremely difficult to win, it gives you a limited amount of scenarios, but you will surely need a lot of time to ace them all. If you are low on health, go to the hospital -> spend money -> recover health. Youtubers Life: Gaming Channel - Go Viral! 100K cash can be acquired by doing a job. So to get to a top-level job, you start with an entry-level job. When you meet someone and you want to marry her, you will need to propose. Also, we have shared a bunch of Life Simulator 3 tips, cheats & strategies that you may like. There is a specific requirement to get a job – for example – to become an architect, you need 5 years of construction manager experience. Get all those on the go too but start with YouTube as it’s the easiest. Never mind found out literally after I posted. Tube Tycoon - Tubers Simulator Idle Clicker Game. I personally believe that Home Chef and Personal Finance are the best two skills to invest in early on, followed by Hygiene Expert, Meditation Expert and Stoicism. You will need to spend a lot if you want to buy an apartment. Although the boosts are too expensive imho. There is no limit on how many actions you can perform each year, although... Focus on maxing out your abilities one at a time. In the above example – you will start from the Dishwasher, then Construction trainee -> worker -> manager -> architect. The game came out today on android and my girlfriend wants to make as much as me but the businesses aren’t on hers since she has an android… are they still there somewhere or does android not include businesses? Although, you need to be in good profit state to get approved for the rent. Welcome to the best guide streamer life simulator is a beautiful App, it will help you to know everything about streamer life simulator game you will find many tricks and walkthroughs. In the footer menu, go to the shop tab -> pets -> there you can buy/adopt pets; Bunny, Cat, Dog, Duck, Fox, etc. Spend on library membership to increase logic monthly. If you’re playing a scenario where you don’t already have a decent house (and usually you won’t), try to move in the small apartment ASAP. Get this guide started! Yes, and a bit of frustration, because you can’t have a solid life sim without that. I was doing the young child scenario, and I was in jail when I turned 18. Pay attention to the traits and have them make date people that give 100 or 250. You have entered an incorrect email address! Being an Uber driver seems like a solid option too… but I guess that by the time you have the money to afford a car, you’ll probably be able to get a better paying job also. Don’t pull Overtime or All nighters unless your mood is really good… it will probably cost you more to replenish it than the earnings you’ll get as a bonus (at least on lower income jobs). For example – Psychology, Sailing, Sea Survival, etc. Do you have any suggestions? How do you get to the other two options on the you tuber career? Adorable Home Game: Guide, Tips, Cheats & Walkthrough, Ragnarok Tactics Reroll Guide – Aim For SS Tier Monster, Assistant Manager(Construction) – 5 Years. It seems silly, but one of the tricks of BitLife – Life Simulator is to take care of your health above all else, and if you fall ill, focus all your attention on recovering. So this would be all in this post on Life Simulator 3 guide, tips, cheats & strategies for beginners. Like all life simulation games out there, The Life Simulator gives you the option to play the lottery and potentially win huge earnings. With this trick I earned $6,150,000 very, very fast. Again, you will have to prioritize here based on your character and take things one at a time (but most likely after completing your studies). The salary structure is not bugged First, look at the jobs available and the requirements to get one. So start earning money as soon as you start life. Life Simulator 3 is a simple yet addictive game for Android by Playdrop. Unless you want to roleplay a … In this example, you become an architect –. But I still consider the costs prohibitive, at least early on in the game…. There are seven scenarios currently available in the game and they are basically different difficulties for the game. I restarted the game, considering that was a bug and went for the “Educated and in debt” scenario, where I instantly became a Data Entry Clerk for a salary of $400 per week. If the balance is negative, you would not be able to survive for long. First, socialize. But I agree start a business once you get your business degree in college and have $1M saved up. I never managed to get that done and ended up wasting money, although I did win a small prize every now and then. So without further ado, let’s head to the main content. The game isn’t letting me get the perks when I complete the life goal I’m supposed to do to get it, The game isn’t letting me get the perks when I complete the life goal I’m supposed to do to get it? Have a great relationship with your parents invest all your money in the bank and buy property often and buy the property that is worth 1.25 and upgrade to 10 mil and update them after 8. Logic – Logic stats can be improved by visiting the library. Go to the shopping tab -> food -> spend on the food plans. These are similar to studies, but very expensive. Although it would seem better to go with the cheaper options, the biggest win that you get from the pricier ones is that you don’t have to waste that much time performing that action. It’s strange, actually, to see that the more expensive options don’t give you a bigger boost per dollar spent. Move into the Small Apartment ASAP Also, make sure to claim the special reward by watching the video ad. The basic needs. Go to the properties tab in the footer menu -> there you can buy or rent the house. Okay so the best way is to go to school asap and go to college for computer science and make apps … pays little at first and quickly increases in value do this the most and invest. How do I join your one? Cookies help us deliver our services. Try these two first in order to get acquainted to the game’s mechanics and try the more difficult ones afterwards. Other than these stats, you need to stay fit – visit the gym regularly to improve fitness. That is the first housing option that doesn’t affect your stats negatively and at $180 per week is relatively affordable. If you have any questions, do the same! Hey Guys I was making 50 million a week, but now I’m making 18.8 million??? Head to the shopping tab -> in the other stuff section, you will find online dating, library membership, sports club membership, acting school, music gigs, etc. So start doing a job first. Find the perfect Work – School Balance At the top menu, go to the second tab – this is the employment section where you can check all kinds of jobs – Life Simulator 3 game features 100s of jobs. In the game, you create a character, lead him/her to a specific career path, get social, marry, have kids, and maintain the wealth, health, and happiness! I did this by starting businesses. Your tube tycoon adventure begins from phone. Another tip I have is to get a college degree for philosophy and work as a legal assistant. Just make sure you have a job that keeps you out the red in terms of debt that way you could have even four kids and still be earning a weekly wage of over 200k by 70 years at least hell maybe ten cause I pay the max everything and I buy a elixir by 79 the latest and I don’t even work the highest job,, the business all give a high pay out and viral videos pay gang money if you have maxed out laptop you could go to the doctor all the time and still earn money if you have viral videos on maxed outed laptop.

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